The truth is you don’t need a hack.

You BADLY need one.

To know why, read on.


In case you forgot, you’ll be needing a lot of silver and gold to upgrade your weapons and get the best possible online game experience. Because these two currencies of the game matter a lot, you’ll need a hack. Take note that gold (Au) are difficult to acquire, and although silver (Ag) is easy to obtain, they’re much needed later on as you progress.

The demand for silver and gold is high, which is why we’re giving you a hack to get free Ag and Au. Yup, you’ve read it right. You simply have to visit, and you’ll be able to receive free gold and silver. How easy would that be?


The Importance of Au and Ag

In Walking War Robots, both of these currencies are powerful resources, allowing you to step up and be one of the best players. With these treasures, you can upgrade your weapons fast and enjoy the game on a different level. The cheats tool we’ve found and mentioned above will enable you to obtain these two treasures with ease. Believe me when I say it wasn’t easy to come up with the tool successfully, but the team who made it was able to produce the tool because they want to serve War Robots fans with the free gold and silver they deserve.



If you’re questioning the safety and the link, I’m not going to judge you. It’s reasonable to doubt a link to a hack anyway. But there’s evidence that will speak for the tool—its existence. The fact that the tool hasn’t resulted in any bans is proof that it’s safe to use. The tool is efficient as it has high-tech encryption techniques and drip-feeding methods, because of this hard-to-detect encryption, game creators will have a hard time noticing the hack, which is the main point of a cheats tool. So, instead of wasting real cash to purchase gold or buying more silver using your gold, why don’t you trust a legit hack tool and use the currencies to take you to higher levels?

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