The gradual advancement of Playstation consoles (book)
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The gradual advancement of Playstation consoles (book)

About No one could have thought in 1988 that a joint project from Nintendo and Sony will someday gain such a huge success in the gaming industry. Playstation is a gaming company originally started as a joint venture by Sony and Nintendo but eventually after the split of Nintendo, it is now owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment company. The Playstation consoles have come a long way with many technological advancements and improvements that has made it one of the most popular gaming brands in the market today. This is according to

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It has 4 consoles in its lineup with few inclusions in between the major players, mostly by the name of slim versions. The following list includes these consoles and illustrates its gradual progression with time: 1. The Playstation 1 The original Playstation was a bulky device that came in a grey matte finish texture. It had no wireless connectivity as that technology was not handy at the time. It had the disc insertion at the top and few USB ports in the front. The AC and AV ports were located in the back side. It also had 3 physical buttons alongside the disc insertion place that controlled power, disc insertion and could reset the console. It was a relatively light product but was superseded in comfort by its successor the Playstation 1 Slim Edition. This was even more lighter and an overall more portable device than its predecessor.  2. The Playstation 2 In the same year as the Playstation 1 Slim was launched, the Playstation 2 was launched which skyrocketed the sales and shattered all records becoming the best selling gaming console of all time. It had a new, refreshing look and stunning color scheme with black background and blue accents. The body was sleek yet felt strongly built. It had both DVD and CD compatibility and with a 147 MHz Graphic Synthesizer, it had no shortage of power. It also had Internet compatibility and could be used for playing online and multiplayer games. It included a Dual Shock controller. Its successor was the Playstation 2 Slimline Edition which was a more refined version of it and the only major addition in this version was a built-in Ethernet port.  3. The Playstation 3 After a small hiatus, the Playstation 3 came into the market and was hailed by many as the best looking Playstation ever made. This time Sony decided to go all black with glossy finish which gave it a premium look. All the buttons were touch sensitive and with the introduction of motion sensing technology for the first time, it was ready to face the newly launched Xbox 360. The Playstation 3 sported a high definition resolution and Blu-ray disc player too. It was succeeded by two new versions, namely the Slim Model and the Super Slim versions which decreased the weight, increased the storage and were more robust machines. 4. The Playstation 4 The latest and the greatest, the Playstation 4 was launched in 2013 and it was an upgradation in both design and specifications. The body now sports a thin line which is illuminated parting the matte region with the glossy one. It has a camera and Dual Shock 4 wireless controller. It is powered by an 8 core 1.6 GHz AMD processor and an AMD Radeon GPU. It has all the extra juice present which is needed to support 4K games. It also allows to split the gameplay into a mobile screen via the Playstation App. Its updated versions include the Playstation 4 Slim and Playstation 4 Pro. While the PS 4 Slim was an upgradation in design and storage, the PS 4 Pro is the only console in the lineup that can display in 1080p.